Our mission is to unlock the potential of hydrogen to protect the climate. With our broad range of services, we are looking forward to supporting you on your way to more climate protection with the help of hydrogen and sector coupling.


In directing organizations towards sustainability, decisions must be made under uncertainty. Let me accompany you on this path and trust in sound technical as well as strategic-political hydrogen experience.

Project Development

Every project starts with an initial idea. But the path to a well-founded decision and the possible realization of the project can be lengthy. Accelerate the project progress through competent external support.

Feasibility Studies

The technical and economic assessment of projects in the field of hydrogen economy and sector coupling is complex. As part of a feasibility study, we evaluate your idea and develop different options for action.

Energy concepts

Against the background of climate change and in times of geopolitical crises, sustainable energy supply is becoming increasingly important. Bring security of supply, environmental protection and economic efficiency into line with a suitable energy concept.

Network management

The work in H2 projects is often subject to a high level of complexity due to a large number of stakeholders involved. Make use of professional network management to ensure that you actually achieve more in a team instead of slowing each other down.


The density of information on the subject of hydrogen is constantly increasing. Events are ideal to bring different participants to a common level of knowledge or to get through to the relevant target group with your project.